The Inbound Marketing Process: Drive Traffic | Generate Leads | Nurture Leads | Measure Results

Congratulations! Your website is burning up the Internet with loads of new traffic. Website visitors are converting into qualified leads at a record pace. Before you pick up the phone to close the sale, hold on a minute. It’s time to nurture your leads through their buying cycle.

While nearly 50% of the leads you generate with inbound marketing are going to be qualified, that doesn’t mean they are not ready to buy. Most people researching a purchase online are going to visit four to five websites before they make their final purchase. This means they are not only visiting your website, they are visiting your competitor’s as well.

What is Lead Nurturing?

“Lead nurturing is a system that allows you to send an automated series of emails to an early-stage lead in order to pre-qualify them.” (HubSpot)

Convert More Customers with Lead Nurturing

Inbound marketing helps you determine where your leads are in their decision-making process and what you can do to help move them along. Offer these early-stage prospects valuable content that will help move them closer to becoming sales-ready.

At V2 Marketing Communications, our inbound marketing process gives our clients the data they need to successfully convert leads to sales. We will help you establish a process of automated lead-nurturing where leads are segmented according to their behavior on your website (someone who downloads your latest eBook will be put on a different path than someone who requests a product demo). On each path, the appropriate offers and content are delivered via email with links back to new offers, landing pages and lead capture forms. We also make sure that every action taken by your leads is tracked and scored so that sales-ready prospects are filtered out and sent along to your sales team.

Take the next step, Measure your marketing ROI.

Let us help you reach your revenue goals and convert more customers with inbound marketing.