V2 Marketing has been around since 1995 — and we’ve enjoyed working with small- and mid-sized businesses and nonprofits all these years. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, responsive and thoughtful.

We want to share your story with the right people…

at the right time…

and in the right way.

And, we like to have a little fun along the way!

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Meet our Staff

Michele St. Clair

Michele is the left brain to the rest of us right-brainers in the office – thank goodness. Her time is dedicated to the management of the non-profit associations. She handles the financials, communicates with members, makes sure everyone has their workshop materials, supports the board members, and keeps the online registrations straight.


Deb Strout

Transforming vision into reality is Debra Strout’s forte and she has a particular skill to scale each design project according to the needs – and budgets – of each client. With over 30 years of professional design and publishing experience, Deb has designed – and redesigned – six different magazine publications.

Kathy Velasco

Kathy Velasco has over 40 years of publishing, communications, marketing and graphic design experience with a variety of B2B and NFP organizations. Kathy founded V2 Marketing Communications in 1995 and is the 2015 recipient of the Rockford community’s Excalibur Award.


Stacy Wallace

Stacy has over 15 years of experience that includes client account management, strategy development and media buying for a wide range of industries.  She has worked for a number of full-service advertising agencies, as well as an in-house agency planning and placing media for clients in markets across the country.